Spiritual Frustration.

It stands to reason at this point, where humanity is experiencing the great reawakening in this age of information like no other we’ve had before, that those who have trans-generationally been in control of power will want to continue to maintain that power. It’s no secret that we live in a vibrational world, our realities are formed by our dominating conscious and subconscious thoughts, just like the age old phrase you are what you eat well you’re also what you think. The sad thing is, this is relatively new news to the majority, but to those who seek to maintain their parasitic power thirsty paradigm this has been known for centuries and their methods of controlling that information and how people perceive that information has evolved to fit the times.

In the past, information that was not circulated or approved by the state was not easy to come by, and so any real rise in mass consciousness would have been regulated and physically suppressed relatively quickly. Now, today we have access to more information of all nature from all over the world spanning back to the furthest reaches of antiquity. We’re able to learn at our will the from the information only privy to the likes of high priests in the Kemetic mystery schools or the grandmasters of Sankore University. This real boom in technology and the sharing of information through the internet, documentaries, books and the so-called freedom of the press have been both a blessing and a curse for civilisation.

The blessing is easy to spot; we’re now seeing people regain the values of self-mastery and sharing that information with others and elevating the level of consciousness. The bad end of the stick, however, the curse is not as easy to spot and is causing problems for many people who’re misinformed about spirituality or at least what to expect when embarking on their journey of self-exploration.

As a result of living in the western world we become subject from an early age to conditioning. Whether it's the news and media spreading carefully scripted one-sided stories or advertisement riddled with propagandous occult symbology we have all fallen subject to effects somewhere along the line.

The Causes of Spiritual Frustration.

Spiritual frustration can be hard to spot, especially when analysing ourselves because it’s a by-product of the evasive ego, the ego is deceptive, it will pose as you and convince you that everything is alright.

Redundant Thinking Processes.

Through the many forms of conditioning, most people have developed what can be described as an instant gratification complex of the ego. This construct is partly because we live in a world where our material desires can be fulfilled by simply heading into the local town or clicking a few buttons, and they’re delivered to the doorstep. The reality is that quick fix mentality is carried into the spiritual awakening by many and in no uncertain terms just does not work. It’s this very common and overlooked attitude ingrained into society that is the cause of spiritual frustration.

In short, many people are looking at their spiritual pursuit through the same lenses required to buy the latest pair of trainers.


Entitlement is a problem of the world exclusive to humans, ever since the recording of first-hand history man has staked his self-proclaimed entitlement to many things from patches of land, natural resources even areas of the cosmos that man hasn't. Man’s relationship with animals is an unfortunate but relevant example of man's self-proclaimed entitlement. The enslavement of animals for slaughter is often justified by arguments controlled by the ego that bypasses remorseful feelings that allow the true self to accept the realisations of the atrocities. It’s not uncommon to hear things like “because we are humans and animals are made for eating…”

This irrational sense of entitlement is filtered down into the masses and evident in different areas of our lifestyles. Damagingly far too many bring this sense of entitlement into their spiritual awakening giving them the attitude that because they are awake and they subscribe to everything that they’re being taught that they deserve whatever spiritual end –product is on offer immediately.

The Hero Complex

This is defined as a phenomenon affecting people who seek heroism or recognition usually by creating situations that they can resolve. This applies on a public and social level as well as the level in which you perceive yourself, but most importantly again a by-product of the untamed ego. The idea of being the hero or heroine appeals to everyone on some level, and that fact is exploited and reinforced in the telling of pretty much every story under the sun whether it be real life history or ficto-biblical.

The ego latches on to heroic figures connecting them to the product of their newfound spirituality. This creates a false expectation of how you will feel and how you will be perceived when you reach the pinnacle of your enlightenment. It’s the ego appealing idea of being able to show off or share these conceived “powers” that has seen so many people jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to project themselves as sitting on some hierarchal pedestal.

There is NO DOUBT spirituality gives your PowerS, there are of self-governance.

There is No One Way

These days, people are now so caught up in the lives of other people failing to remember that these celebrities, gurus, friends, and family are posting or discussing their highlights on social media, not their lows. In addition to that, people through the likes of social media see so much of what’s mislabelled spirituality that it feeds people's misconceptions and builds up their expectations.

These false expectations can lead to a person developing envious feelings because their ego has associated someone else’s experience with being spiritual and because that experience is so different from their own the environment for frustration becomes just right.

The true realisation that comes with the awakening is that there is no one size fits all.

It would be remiss of us not to mention the section of the community who dropped their religion for spirituality, but remain as religious as ever in their new found frame of mind. People have replaced their Jesus H Christ the saviour with this term manifestation. Manifestation of course is real, but it is not as sold in the popularised spiritual literature on bookshelves.

Take for example the international best-selling title ‘The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, a fantastic book it can’t be denied. The points that are made in the book are very valid and serve as an excellent tool to introduce people to the understanding that we are living in an energetic universe. The entire book plays on our human fascination with magic and miraculous powers which in this case happens to be manifestation.

So, many will read such books and subscribe to this ability to think things into reality, allowing their whole hearted belief to remove the reality of ‘how’ from the equation. People will set their minds to strike oil, win the lottery or some other life-changing event all as a result of their expectations being built.

Unfortunately, when these amazing things fail to manifest, people go through the stages of disappointment like shock, denial and self-recrimination. Instead of questioning the doctrine, they find some reason to blame themselves, insisting that they must have done something wrong and so the perpetual cycle of frustration is allowed to take over.

Spiritual frustration can’t be solved by looking at external examples; the answer to all of your problems lay within your very person. We do fully subscribe to the Law of Attraction, in fact we go as far to say it is who we are, just not how most people like to water it down. You can read more about the Law Of Attraction Here.