Flat Earth: Why NASA Cant Be Trusted

There is no way that anyone with a social media account which considers themselves a part of the conscious community has not heard about the recent revisiting of the so-called “Flat Earth Theory”. There has been a lot of unneeded egotism and self-righteous ignorance displayed from both sides of the flat / globe earth debate, and it has been quite disturbing to see how easily the community of consciousness can be divided so easily.

The truth is, the shape of the earth does not need to be anybody’s argument. Right now it’s more important for us the people to realise who is manipulating the information and it's that very commonality that can not only help us find out the truth but take one step forward to reverse the global influence of the so-called elites as a unified people.

So to be clear, the aim of this post is not to claim or prove that the world is flat or globe only to help those who are of the firm understanding convey to their peers that there’s a clandestine agenda to serve misleading information. What we present should help you dissect the trickery in a way in which provides little to no room to be misunderstood or argued against and open them up to the very simple idea that they’re just like billions of others being lied to day in day out. We are by no means suggesting that this is all the evidence in it's entirety be covering more areas in the weeks to come.

We all must accept on the foundational level of this “argument” that the majority of us are not scientists and thus seen unqualified to make certain statements and conclusions, but we are all entitled to use our common sense.

When 99% of people answer the question, “who taught you the world is round” they typically answer with space agencies like NASA or my school teacher which is not unusual, however, what is unusual the average person fails to see the common connection between education and NASA. Firstly, the schooling systems are controlled by the higher ups who each of us will know from our experiences has had a tendency to teach what creates a citizen that best fits their structure. Secondly, we have NASA, which is no more than an extended arm of the American military that for a long time have been making the same bed the observant person can lay them to rest in too.

With us being lucky enough to be in an age where the sharing of information has never been so simple, the wealth of resource to investigate is plentiful providing many different angles in which people can approach unveiling the globe earth illusion to people.

If NASA and so many other space agencies had any substantial evidence the world was a spinning globe; there really wouldn’t be an argument. The very fact that the information they’re providing is questionable should raise the eyebrows of every tax paying citizen of the world, at the end of the day it’s your money that pays for all of this.

So, if the numerous national space agencies of the world, have all been to space, one can only assume they have all been to the same space. Right? It would even be safe to say that they would have all seen the same earth, so why do we not have one raw, unedited image of our home and why is there no consistency with the ones they do show? Moreover, why do we now in this so called pinnacle of technical advancement not have video footage streaming from 1 of the 180,000 satellites revolving around us?

By the way, as a quick side note.
The last time you saw footage from a so-called space station
Did you notice any satellites floating around?

To make the point clear, we’re not going to bring science into it, we’re simply going to use the very information we’re served by the world's most renowned space cowboys. Regardless of whether you are a sold flat earther, a newbie researcher or a die-hard globe head this very simple, overlooked and almost ridiculous observation will alter your perspective and should, at any rate, put this whole thing into context.

Earlier on we mentioned how various space agencies have claimed to have been into space and so we should expect to see one consistent, unchanging image of the earth only improving in quality over the years. Right? The confusing reality we are dealing with is that leading authorities of the world’s scientific community are giving us one answer in one breath and a different explanation in the next.

When we think of the earth most of the time, we end up thinking about the perfectly rounded sphere that we conveniently see placed everywhere from posters to movie intros. In more recent years thanks to technical advances science provides us with an accurate insight as to what the earth is meant to look like that takes into consideration the equatorial bulge. So why have all previous images given to us and sworn as accurate never included this before?


So why have we been shown this for so long?
If the famous images from the Apollo mission were taken from the moon and in orbit.
Would we not see this irregularity?

Due to the rise in demand for answers, the worldwide space enthusiasts pressured NASA into answering just how they get their images and their response is extremely revealing.

It turns out that NASA has a team of data analyst style designers who work to stitch and compile one image based on the thousands of images caught by remote sensors onboard low earth orbiting satellites. Dr Gene Carl Feldman known almost exclusively by his work at NASA creating the most up to date image of the Earth has openly discussed his technique and how he and the team build pictures called composites.

Always remember at the forefront of your mind, modern science claims to know more about space and a cosmos than it does about the oceans that are surrounding the islands on continents that we live on.

This next one; if alarm bells are not already ringing without a shadow of doubt will make you ask the question.“Do they really think we are that stupid.”

The image to the immediate left is an actual release from NASA.Why should we take any information that they provide for us seriously anymore? Please feel free at any moment to double check by hitting Google.

When talking about space travel and moon landings, we must all take stock of how silly a lot of the information we are fed really is. Take for example the fact that we supposedly landed on the moon in 1969 in a spaceship with computer systems less advanced than the ones available in the average second-hand shop.

When we planned to write this post, the initial idea was to blow the moon landing completely apart which is very simply done with NASA’s very own footage. But there really is no need to go as far as the moon because NASA have never been there themselves and have as good as confirmed this in their own publications, documentation and presentations as you will see in the following short video.

What is the Van Alen Belt?

To go a little bit further, the Van Allen Belt is a cited as two intense regions of radiation that surround the Earth. To be precise, the Van Allen belt starts around 600 miles out from the earth and becomes “impenetrable” at around 1000 miles and ends roughly 3,700 miles out. The levels of radiation fluctuate deeper into the belts but it’s made unequivocally clear that these belts surround the earth.

Above is a cross section visual representation of the Van Allen belts.

The next thing to consider is the fact that the moon is at its closest point around 250,000 miles away. 
How did you get to the moon if to this day you don't have an answer for that problem.

For those who opted to skip the video, it contained footage of a visual presentation taken from “Orion: Trial by Fire” delivered by NASA’s very own navigation and guidance engineer Kelly Smith. In short the presentation covers the progress and briefing of one of NASAs on-going projects called Orion. In his display, he makes a very credibility-crushing statement.

While talking about the dangerous levels of radiation found in the belts he mentions the need for the development of special shielding to protect the onboard sensors and computer system, he then goes on to state the need for sending dummies into that part of space before sending a manned craft. So, to bring this all this together:

• If up until this day, NASA’s engineers are still working out how to send people through this earth engulfing band of radiation, how did they send people to the moon in 1969? Surly the technology that was adequate to guide the Apollo moon landing team would still be fit for purpose if not evolved since then.

According to the American definition of what’s considered to be space travel there’s been 549 people that have reached space altitude and of those only 24 of them are said to have been beyond what’s called low earth orbit. 12 of those are said to have supposedly stepped foot on the moon.

• Why after nearly 50 years has there been so few people return to the moon, with all of the unanswered questions and access to the required resources to get there. In this day in age we are not wrong to expect that number to be higher.

• Second to that, why have only 12 people been outside of low earth orbit? Surely after 50 years improving technology and techniques the number of people actually going into the deeper depths of space would be much higher and at the very minimum considered a possibility.

International Space Station commander Terry W Virt, in a live interview with EuroNew’s Claudio Rosmino said the following in response to the question “What comes after the ISS after its mission is over how do we ensure the presence of humans in space”.

“...we will be able to launch the Orion Capsule with humans on board as well as landers and other components to get to destinations beyond Earth orbit. We can only fly in Earth’s orbit that’s the furthest we can go and this new system that we’re building is going to allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humans into the solar system to explore so the moon, mars and asteroids there are a lot of destinations we could go

So to clarify, Space travel is very real, as long as you understand that there are different levels to Space and the space NASA purport to have traversed is unreachable as per their testimonial when talking about their technology at least for humans.

To clarify again, we are not here to convince you the world is either flat or round simply that those that who are in control of the information are not telling you the complete truth and its evident in the information they attempt to present to us does not add up, and that’s not acceptable.

All we ask is that you take your time not to make judgements on those who choose to investigate further and take a moment to consider why there is even space for such an argument and ask your own questions.

We will be covering more aspects of the Flat Earth Theory but for now those that are interested in finding out more; a simple Google search will put you on good tracks but if you are looking for some sources that we consider reliable try searching for Santos Bonacci a 20 year plus researcher into the esoteric and occult teachings and sciences.