All About Ant Extract

Ants are the strongest creatures, pound for pound, on the planet.

This product is made from a specific variety of any known as the Polyrhachis Ant (Polyrhachis vicina). These ants live up high in the mountains and are often found amongst ginseng roots. They come from a pure and clean environment. (It is not recommended to eat your common household ants as these could easily be exposed to chemicals.)

Qi and Energy Tonic

Ant is the premiere Qi tonic of Chinese herbalism. While ginseng is the most well known, and a premiere Qi tonic by itself, Ant is known to be even stronger and more effective.

It is very popular as a pre-workout super herb. It’s also popular for young and old people for different reasons.

Benefits of Ant Extract

Premiere energy tonic (provides direct ATP)

Sex builder and aphrodisiac

Strength builder

Double direction immune system modulation

May build stress resistance

Aids in slowing the aging process by DNA and RNA support

Strengthens the musculoskeletal system

Potentiates the effects of other herbs taken with it

Superior Liver and Kidney tonic in Chinese Medicine

Extremely protective of the Liver

May help detoxify from poison

Benefits the digestive system

Benefit’s the nervous system

Prevents the shrinkage of the thymus gland

BEWARE: Some “Ant” products sold aren’t even ants at all. They were tested to find instead analogues of Sildenafil, the active drug used in drugs like Viagra. Our ant is NOT this.

Packed Full of Nutrition

Vitamins B1, B2, B12, D and E

Complete Protein Source (42-67% by mass)

Aldehyde Compounds which may be responsible for giving Ants their strength


Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc and other trace elements

Rich in ecdysterone, the growth hormone of insects which is suspected to play a role in its anabolic effects.

In fact, Ant is said to have the highest amount of zinc in all known living organisms. Zinc is needed for strength as it is used in muscle contraction, cell growth and division, vision, the immune system, for many sexual functions, as well as many other uses across the body.

Unfortunately, our testing found the actual zinc content to be less than a mg per serving so it should not be considered as a zinc supplement.That all being said, taking ant delivers much more than any zinc supplement could. Its zinc in the combination of everything else that makes Ant extract powerful.

If you would like a reliable source of good quality