Why Are We So Sick?

There is a high probability that you know somebody who is suffering from an illness or who has to consume regular prescription medications. In the year 2014, we are supposedly at the pinnacle of technology, but in reality humans have gone from the dominant species on the planet to the sickest, in just one century.

The world is currently in the midst of a pandemic of chronic illness, crippling many cultures and societies. For the last five decades, the amount of money spent year upon year on medications, medical doctors, surgery, nurses and hospitals has only increased. Throughout those same fifty years, the monetary expense of pharmaceutical drugs, along with the overall number of prescriptions, has increased by around sixty times on average for each person

The number of people suffering from some form chronic illness is on a consistent incline alongside obesity rates, which are rising and have shot up by around 400 per cent in the last decade alone. Type 2 diabetes had to be renamed ‘adult onset diabetes’, but it was ‘on-setting’ for so many children that they could no longer name it ‘adult onset’. The population has been led to believe that solutions to their health problems are going to come from drugs and surgery alone. People have been led to believe that sometime in the future, scientists will discover a cure-all drug that will fix all of the world’s health problems; therefore, it is believed that there is no need to pay attention to the other underlying factors that are in one’s own control.

The current medical system clearly is not working. But is it not working because the right drug and surgery hasn’t been found yet? Is it not working because people are not getting treatment quickly enough? Or is it not working because it takes the wrong approach and will never work? The most important question we should be asking ourselves as a species is—why are we so sick?

If we do not find out why we are so sick, then we are unlikely to find the solution to the problem of how to get and stay well. According to the prevailing allopathic sickness and treatment systems, many fall sick because of predetermined genetics and inherent weaknesses that encourage pathological cell function, leading to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, depression and ADHD, among others. Due to this belief, they feel that the most rational approach is to override the body’s innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate with pharmaceutical drugs.

For many people, their lives are as busy as the world. A large majority often do not get the time to focus on themselves, consume diet high in nutrition, or to quiet the mind throughout the day. There is a wide range of factors that contribute to one’s sickness, such as acidic blood, acidic thoughts, holding onto past pain, lack of oxygen/shallow breathing, dehydration, mineral deficiency, white sugar, animal, processed foods and the intake of harmful chemicals found in a large majority of the ‘food like’ products many are consuming.

A medical doctor’s theory is that you can obtain all the minerals and nutrients required from a balanced diet alone, but there are some underlying factors that extend beyond this solution. Depending upon where you live, even if you are eating a plant-based diet there is a high probability you are still not obtaining all the necessary minerals needed to keep the body and brain in equanimity.

For example, if there is no boron and no copper present in the soils, they are not being absorbed into the food; therefore, logically minimal minerals are reaching the body. Even the healthiest, raw-conscious eaters can be deficient in minerals, so whatever your diet may be, it is wise to supplement.

This world is dirty, filthy and toxic—it is therefore crucial to educate yourself, enhance your awareness and spread the truth in order to live to your upmost potential. Geoengineering, chemtrails and weather modification are on the need-to-know list if you want to preserve your health. You will have to do your own research on these topics, as we only provide the solutions.

The heavy metal toxicity in the environment tends to accumulate in the brain and nerves—in the electrical system of the body, which attracts nanoparticulate metals. These metals can cause havoc in the body, inflammation and pain arise along with the shutdown of major glands such as the thyroid and adrenals.

Fast food restaurants alongside the meat and dairy industry pack their products with artificial chemicals, such as aspartame and MSG. Such chemicals program your taste buds and cause you to become neurologically addicted, making it very challenging to break the unhealthy habit of consuming such foods.

When your taste buds are programmed a certain way, healthy food may taste horrific, as you are used to all the processed, artificial junk. However, it may take only a small period of time to reprogram. These types of foods are addictive and stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain similar to drugs, alcohol and television. For this reason, they are consumed excessively when a person is overweight, bored, angry, in pain or residing in a lower level of consciousness, ultimately seeking external comfort.

As mentioned, a lack of oxygen intake also encourages low-level consciousness and illness. Can your body get sick if there is enough oxygen in each cell? With good water intake and avoidance of chronic dehydration, all mineral needs are met alongside the synergy and the conductivity (coming from the relationship between the micro and macro nutrients), then oxygen levels do not pose a problem, and the nutritional tools are optimised and at work in the body. Green foods and juices contain chlorophyll; the chemical structure varies by just one molecule (from haemoglobin the iron-containing oxygen-transporting metalloproteinase within the red blood cells of all vertebrates).

Green juices and superfoods, such as Spirulina and wheatgrass, are absolutely key for delivering chlorophyll into the system, which is crucial for supporting the utilisation of oxygen and purifying the blood within the human organism. This supplementation alone makes it much more difficult for illnesses to manifest in the physical body; also remember that many illnesses can also stem from unresolved emotional issues and past trauma that are still integrated within the luminous energy field that was discussed previously.

A plan must be put in place to detoxify the barrage of heavy metal toxicity, as well as the high levels of other kinds of toxicity in the environment, water and beauty products. Birds, insects, trees, plants, fish and humans are all dying. If you want to survive and thrive, then it is crucial to make use of fruits and vegetables, which is nature’s medicine. Antioxidants, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, essential oils and other anti-inflammatory, acid-neutralising properties from juices and raw food work wonders in the body.

The human race is destroying the planet; every person is engaged in this process, but if you climb up the ladder of society, the destruction of the environment becomes an even greater conspiracy. Too many in today’s society are deficient in love, truth and energy. This chapter delves deep into many topics surrounding health and regeneration of your physical temple.

A large number of people are exhausted and simply stressed out due to the high demands of modern day life. Many people simply do not have enough free time available, but it is vital for you as a co-creator to look after your own body, mind and consciousness, as there is nothing else more important in the whole world. When you nourish your mind, body and spirit, external living snaps into balance; therefore, creating the reality you desire is a lot easier.

At 29 years old, a person should not be suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome, but if you are drinking tap water, not supplementing with minerals, and eating mainly dead foods, then you will not see a lot of improvement. Raw living foods—fruits, herbs, vegetables, nuts and seeds—can be soaked and brought to life. Absorb those bio-available minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibres. Allowing them to move throughout your system for optimum cellular function, communication and conductivity.

The fluoride in the water may put everybody to sleep; the dense foods make it harder for you to embrace creative energy, and the glands do not function efficiently while energy from the sexual organs does not travel through the body in a wasteful manner. Start by modifying small things in your daily life and implementing some of the knowledge presented in this chapter. Eliminate some of the denser foods, get hydrated, get to bed earlier and eliminate stress!

One of the greatest things you can do if you’re trying to heal yourself is to continue to expand your consciousness with some kind of spiritual practice. Elevating your state of consciousness has been clinically shown to be a major factor in healing disease and depression at a much more rapid pace.

The people who are willing to meditate, spend time in nature and ultimately embrace a higher field of energy/love are the ones who see efficient results a lot faster than those who do not. This will return one to the natural state of being— sickness was never intended for the human race.

There are a range of factors around physical health, but it is always better to work towards disease prevention than having to visit your doctor numerous times each month, residing in a low vibrational state of being. It is possible to work on your own personal awakening and be inspired. Making a radical choice for better health is not about fear of sickness or death—it’s about quality of life, longevity and shining from the inside out.

The Body’s Connection To Spiritual Developments

The human body is a very complex temple, an alchemical laboratory made up of a digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, reproductive, respiratory and excretory systems. If you keep your temple clean and pure with good habits, you can restore it to perfect health and reconnect with your spiritual essence and higher self. In the Bible, the human body is referred to as ‘the temple of god,’ otherwise known as Solomon’s temple (the soul of man’s temple).

On a purely organic level, there truly is no separation between your thoughts, emotions and physical body. For so long, the Western world has been trained to view mind, body and spirit as separate, so on an energetic level these spheres have learnt to function separately. Even now, most people in the general population are cut off from their bodies and are unaware of what is happening inside; this goes for those people who are relatively ‘awake’, as well.

This mind, body, spirit disconnection has manifested over the course of the last few centuries when human consciousness became divided. On the whole, humans as a species are quite divided from one another; as long as body disconnection is present, it is difficult to receive the warning signs of physical ailment or disease in the course of manifestation.

This information stays buried and you remain unaware that something is terribly amiss, until it is too late and you become seriously ill. Some people do receive the body’s cry out for help, want to do something but just do not know where to start. A large percentage of disease is caused by chronic stress alone, which is due to subconscious thought programs and belief systems that you may not have the ability to comprehend. Without an awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that drive your behaviour, you cannot change internally.

As planet Earth and her inhabitants move in tandem with the energetic shift that is widening throughout the entire solar system, old patterns of separating and splitting up the mind, the body and the spirit are being broken up, bringing back the unity consciousness with which humans were once connected.

The downside to this breakup is that many people are getting sick and feeling down as the three spheres of mind, body and spirit are brought back into equanimity. For this reason it is highly important for your own conscious evolution that you focus on the body as much as the mind and spirit aspects of your being.

If your physical body is plugged with poisons and toxins, it is difficult to stay in synchronicity with the higher energies that are enhancing the formless aspects of your mind and spirit. For the first time, many are receiving information about taking place within themselves alongside the external environment.

The small percentage of people on the planet that are very sensitive energetically have always had these pathways open, alongside a stronger synchronicity between mind, body and spirit. They tend to feel everything and find it quite difficult to process toxins. Whether it’s environmental, pharmaceutical or emotional, they can react strongly to such infiltrations.

These sensitive people have an instantaneous feedback loop, which means when a troubling thought arises that may lead to an uncomfortable emotion, immediately it is felt within the body. It acts as a teaching mechanism to guide the person into living consciously, awake and mindfully.

If this feedback loop is not functioning within your being, then its absence acts as an incentive to clean up your act. The ones who are living in ignorance and are holding deep-rooted issues will be forced to accept, adapt and surrender as the whole transition into the new energies.

People cannot be acting heartlessly anymore, as the heart knows what is best for your evolutionary development and will respond to your negative actions very loudly and very clearly, often in the form of pain and suffering. It is important to be aware that if you’re experiencing these fluctuating symptoms, it is a natural process towards your awakening. It was known that in the past that spiritual awakening only happened at the etheric, spiritual level, with only a fraction of the energy filtering down into the emotional, mental and physical realm. It can be uncomfortable for many, especially the ones out of balance, but ultimately it is all for the higher good.

As you awaken spiritually and start to heal yourself, you must remember that your physicality is also being upgraded, configured and rewired. This also includes your emotions and DNA. It is possible that you could experience a shutdown for long periods of time in such a dramatic process; it could come in a form of illness, an accident or something completely random and mysterious. Many will lose their bearings and feel disoriented in their day-to-day life. This is all a natural process and going through an important stage of recreation. If confusion sets in, just rest and remember it’s all for the best.

As you embrace the awakening, so will others who find themselves in your energetic sphere. With all this being said, it’s highly important for you to detoxify your body and bring it back into balance with the mind and spirit. In this section is a range information that is vital for your own self-education in terms of what to feed your own body so it can run optimally and so you can raise your own cellular vibration.

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