Weight Loss

The term ‘weight loss’ is one of the most widely searched terms punched into the Internet search engines today. There is so much error and misinformation surrounding weight loss and the information regarding exactly what excess body weight really is.

Many people tend to think that consuming the foods that are labelled ‘low fat’ is all that needs to be done to lose weight, but this is inaccurate as the majority of the foods available are full of chemicals that were designed to keep you from being able to say no to them. Alongside the harmful chemicals, there are the hormonal aspects that work on preventing the brain and stomach registering connection that lets you know when you are no longer hungry.

The engineered chemicals simply make you want to eat more and more and more! If you were to go from the standard cooked diet to eating more cooked, whole foods such as brown rice, vegetables and whole wheat bread, you may start to see some differences in weight over a long period of time, but nothing overly substantial.

The raw, living, hydrating foods are where you will find rapid, sustainable results. When you consume the living foods, with the living light and the living water, you can start to dissolve the accumulations of the cholesterol, the mucous, the saturated fats, the hydrogenated fats and the complex starchy, cooked, over processed carbohydrates that stick to your cells and stay there.

These fats will accumulate in the body and remain stagnant unless you do something about it and alkalise the body. Cellulite is a protecting agent made up of cholesterol and water that sticks to body tissues in order to protect your body by surrounding the foreign toxicity matter and chemicals, storing them so they cannot enter the bloodstream and cause huge problems.

So, each time you eat toxic foods, the storage areas get larger and larger as the toxicity builds up in the body, ultimately leading to weight gain. The underlying issue of toxicity needs to be addressed and eradicated if you want to see improvements in your physique. The immediate acidosis needs to be dealt with along with the immediate invaders. It is only logical that consuming the poisonous processed foods are a big no and all that is required is some simple hydration and bodily plumbing.

For the large food companies, making people addicted to their foods is a strict line of business. They have shareholders that need to be made happy at the end of the day, but the downside is that they are destroying people’s lives and making many people unhappy with themselves. It is the same companies that make the natural cures and healthy alternatives discreet to the public eye and have more security at the food processing factories than Fort Knox does.

There are integrity foods and non-integrity foods. Consuming the non-integrity foods will ultimately damage the body, create toxicity and shut off the nervous system. It is a very subtle process and people need to wake up to these facts right now if they want the most out of life. The aim here is to encourage you and give you the foundational steps to detox and reach new levels of happiness through nourishing your body and feeling the best just as you deserve.

The most effective way of stripping the underlying toxicity from the cells is by consuming leafy green vegetables loaded with chlorophyll alongside the removal of such chemical laden foods by using the information at the start of this chapter and being more vigilant when out shopping. Juicing and juice fasting is the most effective way, combined with eating lots of fruit. This will not only flush the cells but energise them too. It is recommended you watch the ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ documentary to see how powerful nature’s foods really are at bringing back the balance and equanimity into the physical body.

Remember, alkalising the body delivers tremendous oxygen delivery so the body can start to breathe and function at its optimal levels. Out there in the weight loss world not many are actually thinking about the functionality of the trillions of cells that make up the body. You want every single cell in your body functioning at the highest rate possible for ultimate vibration and energy flow, detoxifying the junk will lead to the strengthening and protection of the body over some time.

A lack of education and the conditioning to eat junk by the food companies is leading to havoc in people’s lives. Many are experiencing their thyroids shutting down, having their gall bladders and stomachs cut out: it is pure insanity. You do not have to be 100 per cent raw or take on any extreme diet plan that all the fake magazines are infiltrating your mind with but simply return to nature and start juicing!

Get yourself a juicer, get yourself some fruit, make small steps and do your research. Get some fresh air, eliminate the poisons, mineralise, alkalise and nourish the body with living foods and you are on your way. If you don’t have your health, you do not have anything because you cannot enjoy the life you were given.

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