Overcoming Life’s Problems & Surrender

Life’s problems show themselves in various shapes and sizes. It’s the negative attitude and perception towards the so-called ‘problem’ that encourages suffering, mainly mental. It is the quality of your consciousness within the present moment that determines your future experience. You are on this planet to experience certain event, to learn new skills and interact with other people, ultimately for the growth and evolution of your soul.

Ultimately, the hidden reason for a problematic event in life is for the attainment of wisdom and teachings which will favour personal growth, serving a universal purpose for the attainment of your higher self. If you surrender to a problem, accept it for what it is on the deepest level, learn from it and move on, the unfoldment of satisfaction may arise within your being.

When a problem arises, do not judge it or become identified with it. Whether it be a physical illness, a car breakdown, relationship problems, a loss of money or a phone dropped in the toilet, do your best not to let it increase your heart rate. Breathe deeply into the problem, and let go of all attachment. At the end of the day, you do not take anything with you beyond the physical, apart from experience. Attachment to things leads to suffering. You feel empty inside, now that the item to which you were attached has left you. You must push beyond these limitations in order to strive towards pure excellence.

If somebody has caused you grief or hurt you in some way, again you must remember that everyone is doing their best in accordance to their level of consciousness. When you hold anger or hate toward somebody else for a past mistake, it is just like grasping a piece of hot coal, only you feel the burn. Holding emotions of hate and jealousy promote negative energetic imprints within your heart space and subconscious mind.

These imprints only impose a burden upon your own life. The more you entertain the cycle of placing judgement on others alongside the expression of jealousy or hate, the deeper these vibrational energies get lodged into the depths of your being. This makes it harder for you to let go and release these false illusions, not to mention that the frequencies associated with these deeply lodged energetic vibrations attract more circumstances in your life that you will again envy and place judgement upon.

If you become sick or seriously ill at some point in your life, it may be the surface appearance of a hidden message and something beautiful. Many highly respected teachers in the health and well-being community had epic life transformations when they fell very ill and almost died. When they were ill, they made the conscious decision to become well again, not just moderately well so they could function again, but they embraced a journey down a whole new avenue of life where they gained wisdom and experience that they now share with other people. If it wasn’t for their ‘traumatic’ event, they would not be able to help others in preventing such disasters on a large scale. They now hold a high sense of gratitude for the lesson and are living fulfilled lives.

The universe provides circumstances of suffering when you need it most. These transform you into a better person if you drop your ego and stubbornness. For some people, it takes more pain and speed bumps for them to realise the underlying lessons. This is mainly due to the size of one’s ego and the mind-made false sense of ‘self’. Writing out circumstances and events helps a great deal. Dissect them, and look for what they are trying to teach you.

When a problem arises in the now, it is extremely important that you don’t fall into the vibration of victim. Feeling sorry for yourself is an act of weakness, a sorry vibration that again only attracts more victim-like circumstances. You should be getting this by now, right?

The hell realms do indeed exist, deep within your mind. Most are unaware they are even operating from the realm of ‘hell’. These are mental prisons where lust, jealousy, anger, fear and other demons have control over the way you’re manifesting your reality. These are all lower forms of thought and emotions that are related to the lower self.

The universal creator always wants what is best for your soul evolution. Remember what we said in the manifestation section: before light, there was darkness. Same goes for life’s difficulties. You must endure the temporary pain of the darkest situations for you to fully respect and appreciate the lightest times that are yet to come. It is highly important in every bad situation that you re-affirm to yourself that something beautiful and great will come out of the situation. Keep the heart alive, and hold a solid vibration of faith. Accept everything for what it is, and push forward.

All in all, problems are a test of inner strength. When you emit big thoughts and ideas into the universe, you will be tested for your worthiness. The more you push the boundaries of limitation and step out of your comfort zone the stronger the impacts of cause and effect. You must keep your inner sun fruitful! Your inner sun is located in the solar plexus area, divert your attention and focus to this space as much as you can so it can expand, shine bright and deflect low vibratory emotions. The universe holds great promise for the strong-hearted, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Just embrace the moment.

‘I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being’. ~ Hafiz

Where there is no identification, there is no attachment. Nobody can live in enthusiasm all of the time. Make sure your goals do not all include having this or that, $10 million in the bank or an enlarged image of yourself. This isn’t to say that dreams of acquiring wealth are unworthy, but on a deeper level, it is this underlying attachment that will make you suffer once you hit a speed bump and the images in your head become much more distant.

It is wise you ensure your goals are not too big to start with. This is not to say that having a big dream or goal is out or order but it may be more suitable that you make steps in which you can cross off the list in order to sense fulfilment upon completion. Plan your goals in terms of small, medium and long term. Maybe even envision yourself inspiring many others with your work and enhancing another person’s life circumstances. Start to feel how helping others will also enrich your own life.

Feel yourself being an opening into which energy flows, from the un-manifested source of all life through you for the benefit of all. All of this implies that your goal or vision is already a constructed reality within you, both on the level of mind and of feeling. The enthusiasm is the underlying force that transfers the mental blueprint from the mental realm into the physical dimension. There is no wanting here. You cannot manifest what you ‘want’, as mentioned previously. The vibration of wanting expresses ‘lack of’ to the universe. You can only manifest what you already have.

Upon exerting extra physical and mental efforts into work you may achieve what you want but high levels of stress could be the counterpart. As humanity on the whole moves into new levels of consciousness, extra stress is no longer needed. Many people do feel strongly towards creating, inventing building etc. but if these specific acts are carried out in an unconscious manner then the flow of creative energy is greatly reduced.

Acceptance means that, for now, this is the situation. This moment requires you to do, so you must do it willingly. For example, you may not feel happy about getting up early 7 days a week to start work, never mind be passionate about it, but you can find inner peace by accepting it as a period that will serve the greater good. Performing an action in the state of acceptance means you are fully at peace whilst you do it. That peace is a subtle energetic vibration that then flows into what you do. It is highly active and creative, bringing something entirely new into this world.

With great PAIN comes great CHANGE. If you’re not ready to CHANGE, then you’re not in enough PAIN.

Surrendering to a specific life event or circumstance is a main way for the energies of higher consciousness can enter the world. Your very own state of consciousness is the most important thing in this world so if you cannot bring joy into whatever it is you may be doing, it is wise that you stop.

The emotion of enjoyment can be cultivated from the inner peace which can be realised through surrendering to what is. Quality of life can easily be increased when you realise that ‘wanting’ is a delusion of the egoic self.

Expansion and positive change on the outer level is much more likely to come into your life by embracing what you have now rather than waiting for some change so you can start enjoying what you do. The mind will say ‘maybe tomorrow you can start enjoying’, but tomorrow never comes. Realising this allows you to come to grips with ‘you’ as the witness of events. Not realising this has you fighting with what is and suffering. It is just a simple shift of perspective that frees you from such heaviness and pain. Don’t be surprised to find that if you change your perspective, your world changes also!

Suffering is also felt once an external object is taken away, the mental construct of ownership contribute towards a fictional story. Just the words ‘I own’ can distract one into a delusional sphere of identification with such object but on the whole has nothing to do with who you really are!

For a large majority of people who form their identity around certain materials, illnesses and thought forms, it only becomes clear that they are not part of such illusion and external source once they are on their deathbed. Leaving the whole construct of ownership and mental content absolutely meaningless.

For those who have endured many of life’s problematic transformations, could say they have a deeper connection to self. Change did not occur when things were added externally in their life and became bigger, no. The deep inner growth happened when things were taken away and content was removed, there was a higher divine plan that served the best possible outcome for evolution. The point here is that suffering is your best teacher. It knows what is best for you.

When change comes, embrace it, be thankful for it, and ride all events and circumstances with great joy. When you can surrender and allow problems to flow out your life as fast as they came in, then life turns into something wonderful. You are now connected with the infinite consciousness that resides in all things. You can now express deep gratitude. Remember, the problem is not the problem: it is your attitude about the problem! Joy does not come from what you do; it flows into what you do, ultimately flowing into this world through you only, nowhere else.

Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, whether by having nothing happen at all, or by having everything happen at once’. ~ Paul Coelho[i]

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[i] Paulo Coelho, Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He has become one of the most widely read authors in the world today. Author of: The Alchemist, 1988, the Pilgrimage 1987 and Eleven Minutes 2003.