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YUSA's primary role on this planet is to create, provide & promote the tools necessary to help release humanity from the paradox of distractions diverting the masses away from their true potential and thus enabling the return to abundance. With any great change especially one as big as healing; the world the sharing of information is a vital part of that process. That being said we welcome you to YUSA Press the first port of call for all aspiring authors looking for assistance during the final stages producing and disseminating their work.

From first-hand experience we know the difficulties in the decisions faced when choosing who and how to get your work published and visible to a worldwide audience. The seemingly peaceful book publishing industry behind the scenes in reality is cutthroat and not as calm and harmonious as it would first seem and instead is filled with money grabbing dream sellers known in the business as 'Vanity Publishers'. It is not uncommon for first time authors to pay pricey service fees to companies who fail to produce a satisfactory quality end product leaving the author disgruntled, disheartened and out of pocket.

Self-publishing is not always easy especially for your first time and can a long winded complicated process. Thankfully we have experienced the traps and pitfalls and common mistakes that can make or break the launch of a title so we are here to give you a helping hand. All of our services are designed to give you the control you need coupled with our experience to help you bring your project to life.


Being familiar with our website and teachings, you can comprehend that the digital revolution is shaping the way the world around us works. The same can be said for the publishing industry, in that it is certainly not exempt to change. As a self-publisher, you are now in control of the entire process from the cover design, content to the advertising and the way in which you wish to market your title. Thus ensuring the final product is as you had originally envisioned and more significantly any profit you acquire is in your control.

For the inexperienced, the mere thought of self-publishing can be intimidating due to the sheer workload and the commitment it so entails. However, self-publishing has in fact existed for centuries. Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, James Joyce and William Blake are just a few notable authors who opted to publish their own work. Contrary to popular belief, self-publishing is a perfectly respectable method to ensure your book succeeds in reaching the marketplace.

In reality, publishing a book through a 'mainstream' publisher is far from easy, and this is what encourages many authors to self-publish their title as a stepping stone if you like. On average, a large traditional publisher receives around 5,000 submissions a year. Based solely upon those 5,000 submissions, a colossal 90% of these titles get rejected. From the remaining submissions, 8% are rejected after reading the first chapter, which leaves only 2% that are considered based upon the entire manuscript.

Choosing to work with YUSAPress not only offers you the assistive guidance and support that you require bringing your message to life but gives you the full control over the direction you push your work.

Ownership: Your Intellectual Property Rights Are Always Yours.
As a self-publishing author you own all the rights to your book in their entirety. Furthermore, there is no third party; everything is set up in your name, meaning that you shall have access to the sale reports as well as any royalties being paid directly to you. However, if you opt to publish your manuscript through a traditional publishing company, you are likely to lose those rights. Therefore, if you wish for more printed copies but the company happens to lose interest in the book, you would have to purchase those rights back.

Timescale: Your book, your expectations so your timescale.
Most traditional publishing companies work to their own schedule. Typically, from the time the publisher receives the manuscript to releasing it to the public, you are often looking at one to two years. However, dependent upon your manuscript progress as well as your goals and expectations, here at YUSAPress we will assist you in publishing your title within as little as six weeks after we receive your manuscript.

Striking a deal with a traditional publishing company does not ensure your title to becoming physically available within a bookstore. This primarily is due to the risk factor bookstores take into consideration when filling their shelves with the work of those authors with little to no reputation. Nevertheless, do not allow this to dishearten you as platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble collectively sell far more books online than bookstores do around the world. Through YUSAPress your title will gain access to a worldwide audience via Amazon, Amazon Kindle Wattpad&LuLu just to name a few. Furthermore, we offer distribution throughout our combined community network of over 100,000 people across the globe.

Authors who publish with us receive 100% of the profits. Whereas a self-publisher can expect to receive a minimum of 50-60% of the margin on book sales and an author who chooses to use a traditional publishing company will receive a 5-20% royalty rate, which over time equates to a considerable difference.


For the inexperienced author, self-publishing can be a time-consuming, overwhelming and to the inexperienced an expensive process, we learned of this after we elected to work with a vanity publishing company in early 2014. During the final stages of the manuscript, it became apparent that our interests were not at all their prime concern. Following an extortionate payment, regrettably the company we invested in showed signs of incompetence and failed to deliver a quality service.

After this unfortunate ordeal, YUSA took the initiative in studying how one may become a publisher, and we proceeded with publishing our work in November 2014. Since the official release of our title we have made the following achievements:

- Amazon Best Seller in the following categories:
  - Chakras
  - Alternative & Holistic Healing
  - Science & Maths for The Sacred Geometry
- Selected for Legal Deposit and inserted into the following UK Libraries:
  - Bodleian Library Oxford University
  - Cambridge University Library
  - National Library Of Scotland
  - National Library of Wales
  - Trinity College Dublin.

Following our unfortunate experience, it was our vision to create a platform that truly enables you as an author to stay in complete control in the delivery of your book.

Various publishing firms offer a multitude of complex packages with available 'add-ons' as well as conniving additional fees. These are worded in such a way to give you as the author the impression that they shall move mountains to produce your material, when in reality the process is rather simple.

YUSAPress will guide you through the very same process that we use to bring our own work to life and a worldwide audience.

Publishing a book comprises of a skilled process that any author must perform to ensure that the quality corresponds with the content so that your project is awarded the consideration and merit you seek. In order verify that you have correctly prepared your manuscript before submission you should consider the following:

- Stage One - Intake / Set Up HQ / Analyse & Report
  - All manuscript submissions for consideration must be accompanied by an intake form, detailing as much information as possible so that we understand your project. Your intake form consists of areas such as genre, topic, target audience, cover design, synopsis and your goals.
  - Thereafter we will establish your Author HQ, giving you full transparency and control of the process; beginning with the establishment of your accounts with recommended distribution platforms such as Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing and Print on Demand services.
  - After we analyse your manuscript and provide you with our constructive feedback and recommendations, which shall include any cover and interior artwork as well as a plan of action to complete and finalise your title, your manuscript will be formatted in accordance with your chosen interior preference.
  - Dependent upon the size and vision of your project we will advise you to utilise the services of a line editor. A line editor will process your manuscript by line hunting and adjusting for spelling and grammatical errors. We do not offer this service directly. However, we do recommend line editors to suit all price ranges.
- Stage Two - Design/ Manuscript Finalisation / Conversions / Register Title
  - Stage two involves the compilation of an engaging and enticing title profile across the various distribution platforms. This step includes the optimisation of your Amazon author and book page, keyword research to assist readers to find your book on Google, Amazon and other search engines as well as assisting you in writing your author bio and book descriptions while incorporating your keywords.
  - The identified and discussed changes are made, and the manuscript is finalised, at this point any required conversions such as eBook and Audio conversions are made.
  - To ensure you have full accreditation and right privileged, we will assign an ISBN and officially register your title with your details. You may supply your own ISBN, however by opting to be provided an ISBN by us; your book shall be awarded with the official YUSALIFE imprint, which is recognised by a worldwide conscious community.
- Stage Three - Sample Copies/ Revisions/ Upload Finals/ Promote Launch
  - This stage in the process of publishing your book will be the lengthiest. So that sample copies can be ordered for your approval, all the required formats will be completed, a final proofread shall be made. At this point, any amendments and revisions can take place to ensure your vision has been perfectly captured. Before the launch of your title, we recommend that a sample copy of any hardcopies be sent to us so that we may perform additional quality assurance. Once you have confirmed that you are satisfied and that you are happy with the final product, the copies can then be uploaded to the required platforms and the focus can then be on promoting a successful launch.
  - Your social media presence and ability to market your title plays as much part as the content within the pages of your book. Therefore, we will assist you in correctly presenting yourself online, targeting a relevant audience and developing an advanced readers group for the purpose of reviews and recommendations.
- Stage Four - Publish/ Promote
  - The concluding and utmost exhilarating stage for you as the author is the launch day; the day your title becomes available to the world and it shall be in your complete control.
  - So that you are confident in ordering copies of your title as well as locating sales figures and viewing your reviews, we will provide you with full assistance in understanding how the various report building tools and back office tools are used.
  - We will assist in the promotion of your work by helping you to organise campaigns with distributors such as KDP for instance, thus aiding the take off of your title.
  - As well as this, you will be continuously incorporated into future and relevant YUSALIFE communications such as newsletters blogs, posts and so on. This is a combined network of over 80,000 individuals worldwide, which is expanding daily.

The cost to self-publish a title is dependent on the author's time, ability and resources. To break down the market, the average book that is 80%-100% complete can cost between £150-£500 to complete, which is considered a low budget production.
In truth, more than half of self-published authors can earn less than £5000, increasing the complexity of your decision to invest in your project. You must appreciate that for your book to be taken with earnest intent, it demands quality, visibility and credibility.
A study conducted by the Guardian uncovered that the average self-published author in the successful 50 percentile earns an average of £5000-£6,500 annually. The stiff difference between the top 50% and the bottom 50% is that the top authors recognise that for their target readers to take an interest in their title, they must invest in themselves as it has become less difficult for books to enter the market, readers have become more adept at identifying sub-standard books. Therefore, you may have the most imaginative, informative or motivating content that is so wonderfully written and presented, however, if no one is aware of its existence it will, unfortunately, gather virtual dust.
The following is an average breakdown provided by the Guardian of the costs incurred by a successful self-published author. £2,600.
Developmental edit £650
Copy/Line editing £900
Cover Design £150.00
Book formatting and layout £200
ISBN - £125.00
Total marketing spend including website - £600
Total investment £2,600
In the hopes to cater to as many people as possible and exclude anyone by offering a one size fits all package as each author will submit manuscripts that are different sizes and stages of completion and ultimately require different levels of assistance.

We will note that the entry-level price of our service is £500.00 we encourage manuscript submissions from authors with enough belief in their product who are prepared to invest what's necessary into their book to produce a final product of high-street quality.

To enquire about working with YUSAPress, please download the following intake form, complete and return to so that we can take a preliminary look at the manuscript to negotiate a price accurately.
The contents on this website and in the YUSA Guide to balance, such as text, graphics, images and information, are obtained from personal experience and extensive research, and any other content or reference links are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health-care provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. YUSA believe it is time for all beings to be released from suffering. The content has been constructed in such a manner in order to give the average person foundations and resources for growth and personal progression. Life is to be enjoyed, have fun but keep everything in moderation.
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