Consuming freshly pressed fruits and vegetables is one of the ultimate ways that the body is able to absorb a wide spectrum of plant nutrients in an easy to make, tasty drink. Juicing has taken off majorly in the last few years due to the elevating awareness behind the health benefits gained by millions across the world. Juicing encourages the body to detoxify, regenerate and cleanse itself whilst acting as a super powerful way to increase your energetic response to general life.

A large majority of beneficial nutrients within the fruits and vegetables are bound to the indigestible fibre. Juicing primarily assists with the separation of these minerals, allowing them to be utilised in the most efficient manner by the body. The freshly pressed juices are highly rich in enzymes and other co-factors, which allow them to be easily digestible and assimilate into the body efficiently. These readily absorbable, high vibrational minerals are simply key factors for those with chronic digestive problems and a range of other ailments.

Juicing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs provide a wide selection of vitamins, electrolytes, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and chlorophyll, which are ideal for the regeneration of the physical body and support optimum clarity of thought and mental health. Store bought juices barely assist with the biological processing's of the body as they have little to no nutritional value and contain preservatives to prolong shelf life.

In today's modern society, what the medical establishment like to name 'disease' can often merely be a cry out for help from the physical body. The foundation for many of the body's outcries is in fact dehydration! Quite often the body's thirst mechanism can get so weak that it can be easily mistaken for hunger and drinking water alone can eradicate various dis-eased symptoms.

Alkalisation plays a key role between the mind-body balances, as even the consumption of a healthy diet can leave behind acidic waste within the body. Juicing allows the body to detoxify at a greater rate, assisting with the bodily cleansing and removal of any stagnant acids, which build within the kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, blood vessels, brain vessels and much more.

Almost everybody who owns a vehicle would take it for a regular service to keep the car in good shape so why not service the physical body once in a while? The world we live in is toxic and if there is lack of attention towards the health and preservation of the body then there is plenty of room for degeneration.

The sickness and pharmaceutical industry take a backwards approach to treating various diseases and removing general toxicity which builds in the body over time. You cannot heal a disease that's caused from toxaemia by adding in more toxic and acid forming elements, however this is not to suggest the medical system is a complete failure as it has its benefits, its just that the overall approach is anti-holistic.

Vegetables such as celery and cucumber act as base elements whilst kale and beets act as super mineralisation tools to the body. Plants sit in the sunlight and generate energy through chlorophyll, when drank and absorbed by the body, it assists with detoxification, but it also generates electrical energy, which promotes a higher level of motivation for general life.

When the body is hydrated and starts to alkalise the detoxification phase can begin. The average person normally starts to experience a degeneration of the body and mind at the age of 30 in the western world, which processed and non- mineralised foods, geo-engineering and polluted drinking water can be held accountable for. For maximum vibrancy and mental clarity the organs of elimination must be functioning optimally, its time to get educated, gather the knowledge necessary and most importantly take action by healing ourselves.