Mental, physical, spiritual & financial awareness are highly important aspects to each and every individual alive on planet earth. To attain the life you desire to live, you must cultivate an inner understanding for the above and take necessary action towards achieving freedom and self-sustainability.

We are entering a period of financial crisis larger than what the world has ever known. The wealth transfer currently taking place this decade the greatest wealth transfers in history. The following information will assist in preserving ones financial purchasing power throughout the near term future.

Your true wealth is your personal time and freedom. A vast majority of the population exchange that time and freedom for a token which commonly known as money, which acts as an economic container. This economic container can be stored for as long as it's needed, and deployed/transferred when necessary.

The currencies of the world are supported by nothing other than the mental imprint of value in which a large majority of the population has been conditioned to have faith in. Paper 'Money' is a deceitful imposter that is exchanged for your two most valuable assets, your time and your freedom.

The price of everyday items in the last 5 years alone has gone through the roof. With the squeeze of inflation, the FIAT based monetary system has lost a large percentage of purchasing power. It is a fact that the US dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since the creation of the Federal Reserve central bank.

"In economics, inflation is a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. When the price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services. Consequently, inflation reflects a reduction in the purchasing power per unit of money - a loss of real value in the medium of exchange and unit of account within the economy".

YUSA aim to empower each and every individual, as every single human being on the planet is powerful beyond measure. However that inner wealth of empowerment is only accessible through self-work, the acceptance of "what is" and all importantly, taking ACTION! Through the application of knowledge and persistence, your deepest dreams and desires can be achieved through the power of pure intention.

"Those who think they can, and those who think they cant, are both usually right"