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Television: The domestic terrorist hijacking the Alpha Wave.
Why you should censor and limit your exposure to the television.There is no doubt that in spiritual warfare “they “ don’t play fair, and after thousands of years with the primary weapon of choice being religion and economic manipulation came the digital boom that saw the creation of the infamous television set. Since the 1970’s the TV has become the main weapon of mass distraction tightening its grip and increasing its influence on the collective conscious. In the Western world, 95% of the population watch television for at least two hours per day and has become some people’s favourite ‘activity’. It is an actual reality that by the time the average westerner has reached the ag...
Flat Earth: Why NASA Cant Be Trusted
There is no way that anyone with a social media account which considers themselves a part of the conscious community has not heard about the recent revisiting of the so-called “Flat Earth Theory”. There has been a lot of unneeded egotism and self-righteous ignorance displayed from both sides of the flat / globe earth debate, and it has been quite disturbing to see how easily the community of consciousness can be divided so easily.The truth is, the shape of the earth does not need to be anybody’s argument. Right now it’s more important for us the people to realise who is manipulating the information and it's that very commonality that can not only help us find out the truth but take o...
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Metaphysics of The Pineal Gland/Third eye
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