About YUSA


YUSA promote the highest form of abundance with our primary role on the planet being to provide the keys in order for one to unlock the shackles of self-limitation. We over-stand that it is every human beings sole birth right on the planet to be granted access to the highest truth and upmost understanding of self to enable personal growth beyond the limitations and expectations of modern society.

Many are at a cross roads in life and realise that the truth lies beyond what is portrayed in society today. In an age where information is so readily communicated, it's becoming increasingly difficult to decipher truth from disinformation with the external distractions that tend to steer the mind and awareness further from the true self.

YUSA are dedicated towards assisting the community with the life tools and guidance which can be implemented on a personal level for self-enhancement.

Overall, the application of such knowledge can expand ones consciousness, aid in self-realisation and assist as many as possible on the road to achieving personal goals and desires.